March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

was planning to write about a workshop we helped present this week called “Changing the Narrative,” but with the Corona Virus hitting Weld County our focus has dramatically shifted. We are striving to achieve the delicate balance between a panicky overreaction and wise preparedness.

Because the demographic hardest hit by COVID-19 is 60 and older – the demographic we serve – we have made common-sense adjustments to our services until the wave of Corona Virus hitting Weld County has passed, which translates to “until further notice.” Rest assured that we will be following the issue carefully and seeking advice from respected medical professionals who are knowledgeable in Gerontology and Epidemiology.

All of our rides are important to physical, mental, and/or emotional health, but without some rides lives could be lost in a short period of time. Ultimately, medical and grocery rides are being considered on a case by case basis through conversations with our clients and drivers. Need vs want is considered, especially when the destination is where large numbers of people gather. For example, all rides to Active Adult Centers and other social destinations have been cancelled while we will continue to serve medical appointments such as dialysis. We will not be transporting to non-critical medical appointments such as wellness checks and eye exams.

Wash your hands and stay well! – Janet

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