Welcome to 60+ Ride

Our Mission is to offer older adults the opportunity to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health while living independently.

We provide:

  • Transportation services to assist Weld’s aging population

SRS Volunteer and ClientGoal #1 of Colorado’s SAPGA report is “Colorado’s aging adults will be able to live and fully participate in their communities of choice for as long as possible.”

60+Ride works to achieve this goal by providing transportation services which ensure those 60 and older will be able to get to destinations necessary for maintaining their independence. 

Volunteering with 60+Ride offers a unique opportunity that truly impacts the lives of those served. In fact, when you provide transportation to our 60+ clients, you see firsthand how your support makes a difference in their lives because YOU are the service provider! We invite you to join us. Read more

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Serving Aging Adults in Weld County free of charge, regardless of income, since 2007.

Walking with a senior