photo from the 2017 Ride and Revel event

60+ Ride

When you are an aging adult, getting to appointments can be challenging. 60+ Ride offers FREE transportation seven days a week, depending on availability of volunteer drivers. Our mission is to offer Weld County residents the opportunity to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health while living independently.


  • Regardless of income, 60+ Ride¬† provides free transportation for older adults who live in Weld County.
  • Many of our clients use the service for destinations including medical and personal hygiene appointments, grocery stores, houses of worship, financial and government institutions, and social events.
  • 60+ Ride is a 501(c)3 non profit


  • Enjoy seeing the positive impact of your service firsthand while working directly with our clients.¬†
  • We believe in the power of volunteers to provide independence to older adults throughout Weld County.
  • 60+ Ride appreciates its volunteers and enjoys helping you serve our clients.
  • Our online scheduling program allows you to choose appointments that fit with your schedule.
  • Volunteer as often or infrequently as you choose.
  • Receive Volunteer Coordinator training and support.
  • Two optional (though encouraged) volunteer training events annually.