September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

There’s so much going on at SRS these days that I spin for a while before I get traction, pull my thoughts together, and start writing – but all
those goings-on are good and necessary due to growth, both current and anticipated. During a brief respite between events and deadlines,
we are focused on SRS’s big picture and long range goals. We are also seeing the end of an era due to staffing transitions, so we’re looking both back and forward; remembering and valuing our history while looking to our future potential.

I’ve pulled together a group of five leaders from Weld’s non-profit world to create Weld Senior Services Task Force, a group which is working toward the creation of a Weld Senior Services Coalition. The Coalition’s purpose will be to identify and rectify gaps and duplications in Weld senior services, and to leverage the collaborative to increase awareness and support of senior needs as outlined in the State of Colorado’s Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging’s 2016 report. The outcome of the Coalition’s work has the potential for better efficiencies and bigger dreams and, though the seed for this group was sown 18 months ago, it aligns with United Way’s recently announced Collective Impact Funding model, which is indicative of the Coalition’s value and timeliness. Task Force members include Eva Jewell, Regional Director of Area Agency on Aging (AAA); Lyle Smith-Graybeal, VP of Community Impact at United Way of Weld County (UWWC); Enita Haut, Regional Director of Catholic Charities; Rand Morgan, President and CEO of Community Foundation Serving Greeley & Weld County; and Holly Darby, Community Outreach Manager at AAA. SRS’s VISTA, Debra Bianchi, is conducting a needs assessment for the Task Force. Check back for updates in future newsletters!

Additionally, with the help of Mark Holdt from Mountain Sage Consulting, the SRS Board of Directors and Staff will complete SRS’s first ever comprehensive long-range strategic plan during two mini-retreats in October and November. The agenda items are designed to ensure that we put SRS on the right track for 20 years into its future, which will be accomplished by having the right structures and people in place to enable us to keep up with the demand brought on by the quickly increasing senior population. Exciting stuff!

Finally, we have said, “See you again soon,” to Becky Sperber, who began working part- time at SRS in January of 2007, two months after SRS received its 501(c)3 status and six months after she retired from AIMS Community College where she served as the Executive Assistant and Office Manager at the Corporate Center. She will continue as a volunteer driver for SRS, but morning callers will no longer hear her sweet, calm voice. Becky has trained Jenni Moser, who worked afternoons opposite Becky, to take over her duties, so you can expect a different yet familiar and equally caring voice when you call.

Change, change, and more change. It’s not always easy or restful, and it’s certainly not free of stress, but it’s what’s required of us if we’re going to meet the needs of Weld County seniors, and that is both our mission and our passion. Thank you for being on this journey of change with us—we are grateful for your good company!

Smiles and blessings, JB

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